People Around the World Volunteer Their Way into the Good Life

There are so many ways to live a prosperous life; eating healthy, exercising, developing healthy relationships, working toward and achieving goals and the list goes on. There’s another way to prosper that helps improve not only your life, but potentially the life of many others around you. People around the world have been volunteering in some way or other for many years, but it’s been the past few years that volunteer hours have boomed. Continue reading

You Can be a Cheap Date without Jeopardizing Romance

“The recession is actually a great time for love to bloom, because people have to think more about creative ways to spend time together, rather than spending money together.” -Dannielle Kyrillos, editor of

Being a cheap date isn’t such a bad thing anymore. Money has been tight in the past few years of recession, and going out on a romantic date may seem out of reach. Continue reading

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict Topped with Creamy Basil Sauce

Feeling bored of the usual cereal breakfast? Start your day off right with this delicious recipe, or serve it up when you have company for an impressive sunrise surprise. This breakfast of champions can be made for less than $3 per person! Let’s see Egg and I beat that price!!

Treat yourself to a breakfast of champions Photo By: Jessica Whitehead

Treat yourself to a breakfast of champions
Photo By: Jessica Bruner

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Save Extra Cash by Budgeting Your Daily Meal Plan

Eating on a budget can be a challenge. It’s frustrating to turn down a lunch outing with a friend because you can’t afford it. But trust me, you’re not alone. Food is one of the biggest money drainers in our lives, because it’s an item in our budget that we need to survive. Although you can’t cut it out completely to save money, you can save a little up for that occasional splurge by budgeting your daily meal plan. Continue reading