People Around the World Volunteer Their Way into the Good Life

There are so many ways to live a prosperous life; eating healthy, exercising, developing healthy relationships, working toward and achieving goals and the list goes on. There’s another way to prosper that helps improve not only your life, but potentially the life of many others around you. People around the world have been volunteering in some way or other for many years, but it’s been the past few years that volunteer hours have boomed. Continue reading

You Can be a Cheap Date without Jeopardizing Romance

“The recession is actually a great time for love to bloom, because people have to think more about creative ways to spend time together, rather than spending money together.” -Dannielle Kyrillos, editor of

Being a cheap date isn’t such a bad thing anymore. Money has been tight in the past few years of recession, and going out on a romantic date may seem out of reach. Continue reading

Save Extra Cash by Budgeting Your Daily Meal Plan

Eating on a budget can be a challenge. It’s frustrating to turn down a lunch outing with a friend because you can’t afford it. But trust me, you’re not alone. Food is one of the biggest money drainers in our lives, because it’s an item in our budget that we need to survive. Although you can’t cut it out completely to save money, you can save a little up for that occasional splurge by budgeting your daily meal plan. Continue reading

Experts Advise How to Rid Yourself of Unwelcome Stress

Being a strong believer in the power of yoga and other stress relieving activities, I experimented by trying some new remedies to relieve stress without spending hundreds of dollars on massages and unnecessary medications. Life is full of stressful circumstances, and it’s important to stay in touch with yourself. You can get to know your inner being even better that you already do just by spending some quality time with yourself, and by doing so your stress will melt away.

“Listening to yourself helps you to get to know yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step to managing yourself, and your stress” -Lynne Soraya, Psychology Today Blogger

Psychology experts give some advice as to how they relieve the stress in their lives. From plugging in headphones for some jamming to your favorite songs, to simply taking a few deep breaths before soaking in the nature around you, there are many ways to relieve stress anywhere at any time. No purchase necessary.

Life lesson: sing like your happiness depends on it, because it just might. Studies show that singing not only improves your mood, it also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves breathing, boosts your immune system, provides comfort and the list goes on. So whether you’re a shower singer or a car singer, let your vocal chords loose.

“Even if you can’t control the event causing the stress, you do have some control over your response to it. “ –Mindy Greenstein, Ph.D

Pour yourself some green tea, and feel the benefits Photo By: Jessica Whitehead

Pour yourself some green tea, and feel the benefits
Photo By: Jessica Bruner

Not only is yoga beneficial to your mental and physical health and wellness, but research shows that it also has a positive impact on your gene expression. Differing from standard workouts, yoga’s impacts happen almost instantly. Studies show that yoga is more effective in relieving inflammation in your immune system known to cause stress than any other workout.

Green tea is more than just a delicious zero calorie treat that can be enjoyed hot or cold, it plays a role in decreasing stress levels. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that aid in multiple health benefits and can help prevent a number of diseases. Theanine, found in green tea, helps focus attention allowing you to be more diligent.

You Can Live on a Budget, Without Giving up a Quality Life

Dollar Bills

Save all the ones you get from change in a month, and see how much you can stack up.
Photo By: Jessica Bruner

Frugal life is the new glam life since the economy tumbled down in flames. People have reached to new lengths to save money. But living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up the quality of your life.

America’s economy was thriving until recent years, and people have been learning to budget their being without sacrificing the beauty in life by adjusting to a lower budget. There are many ways to save money in daily routines to keep some extra cash in your pocket for later, and even ways to add some. Learn more: Top 10 Tips for Living on a Budget 

“Experiences make people happier than material goods.” This idea is according to research done by Leaf Van Boven, a professor at CU Boulder. By investing in life experiences rather than materialistic riches, we can achieve a higher level of personal satisfaction by developing a better sense of ourselves and grow social relationships with others.

With cuts being made to nutrition programs, Sander Levin, Michigan Congressman and Dave Coulter, Mayor of Detroit suburb, Ferndale are putting themselves in the shoes of food stamp holders to gain some insight into the life of people struggling to feed themselves and their families. They are allowed a budget of $31.50 for a week to buy groceries. 

Congressman Dan Kildee is taking the pledge also. $31.50 for the entire week to spend on food; that’s $4.50 each day. Cheers to men with leadership taking a chance to gain an inside point of view for their communities.