A Season to FALL in Love With


Fall Leaves in Colorado (Photo by: Jessica Bruner)

There are only 89 days, 19 hours and 23 minutes in the fall season of 2016. Basically, there’s no time to waste when it comes to fitting in all of your favorite autumn activities. So, in honor of the 89 days we have this year, here is your laid out, budget friendly plan for the whole season… time to get to it:


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10 Ways to Spend One Winter Day



Fort Collins, Colorado Photo by: Jessica Bruner

Snow; a word we’ve become programmed to dread. But, why? What is it about those dreaded winter months that crushes all ambition to do, well anything? Keeping a warm spirit when the thought of even leaving your bed sounds miserable.

To waste the day; or embrace the day? That is the question. Continue reading

How to Be a High Roller in Vegas With a Low Stack of Cash


The infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Photo Edited by: Jessica Whitehead

Photo Edited by: Jessica Bruner

I walked from Paris to an Egyptian pyramid within 30 minutes. Then, in the time it took me to finish my can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I was back in New York about to board the roller coaster that would take me high enough to see Hollywood; Planet Hollywood, that is.  Continue reading

Fast Food Vs. Fat Blast Food Video Story: The $10 Test

In a previous article, I created an informational graphic depicting America’s eating habits in regards to fast food. When eating on a budget, Americans are convinced fast food is the best bargain. This $10 test proved otherwise.

When budgeting the good life, you must also budget nutrition into your diet in order to thrive at your full potential, and the price of nutrition is certainly more in reach than you may think.

Working Students and Parents Ask: Is a College Degree Worth it?

Student Life: Marlin DeCamp, Jessica Whitehead and Whitney Wright at a Colorado State University Football Game Photo By: Jessica Whitehead

Student Life: Marlin DeCamp, Jessica Bruner and Whitney Wright at a Colorado State University Football Game
Photo Edited By: Jessica Bruner

The cost of college is more expensive now than it has ever been, and tuition keeps raising with no sign of slowing down. But with the rise in competition within the workforce, a college degree seems to be a bare minimum for the upcoming generation to make a decent living.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree make, on average, almost 85 percent more than those with just a GED. Continue reading

People Around the World Volunteer Their Way into the Good Life

There are so many ways to live a prosperous life; eating healthy, exercising, developing healthy relationships, working toward and achieving goals and the list goes on. There’s another way to prosper that helps improve not only your life, but potentially the life of many others around you. People around the world have been volunteering in some way or other for many years, but it’s been the past few years that volunteer hours have boomed. Continue reading